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Germany - Vocational Education

Published: Jul 2020
30 mins


This comparative CPD video for vocational 14-19 providers shows Germany's approach to vocational training, following three young people at various stages in their education in Bremen.

Germany has a reputation for providing some of the best vocational training in Europe. Learn more with this whole-school video on secondary and further education.

Geraldine is studying law at the University of Bremen; having taken an academic route through school, she's continuing in this vein at university.

Georg is training to be a car mechanic. Under the dual system in Germany, he spends three days each week working in a garage and two days studying at college.

Melissa is studying in the Hauptschule, the most vocational of the secondary school models within Germany's three-tier system.

The system is not without its problems. With increasing calls for comprehensives, it remains to be seen whether Germany's vocational system will continue.

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