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Japan - Teaching Science

Published: Jul 2020
30 mins


As in the UK, Japan is seeing a shortage of science learners. See how the Japanese government is reversing this worrying trend, and how the subject is taught at schools across the country.

Given the lack of scientists at both university and industry level, the Japanese government has prioritised the development of creative approaches to science education. Some of their initiatives have been in partnership with Miraikan, Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, which works with schools at all levels to help teachers motivate their science students.

In addition, 100 so-called Super Science High Schools (SSHS) have been created across Japan, each being asked to design their own science-focused curriculum.

This video features discussion with science teachers and pupils at Tokyo Tech SSHS and Koenji Junior High School in Tokyo, the schools' physics and chemistry laboratories, and a meeting with the head of Tokyo Tech, an eminent professor.

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